Driggs and Roebling (Original Liner Notes)

What can you do? What can you say? Why would it matter anyway? Afraid of the creatures? Well why would that be? You are bigger than them you see!

Tomorrow I had left my notes by the clarinet room. It was a nice room without any furniture. Driggs will be late yesterday so I will ask him to sweep everything into the corner and dust the ceiling. You see Driggs is peculiar. He fancies lemon meringue desserts but only has time for them on every third Memorial Day that falls on a leap year.

Roebling has some recipes which he keeps by the clarinet room. He is only slightly stranger than Driggs. Since I play the Trombone it is only fitting that I am not allowed to solo. They used to call me Bones, then Nails although I suggested something a little more flexible like Slinky.

In a daze South 4th will call and quit the record. South 4th wants guitars. I will say that everybody plays the guitar.

I tried to pry open the little notebook in the hope of memorizing its contents but I was less than successful. So I kicked at the trash can and grabbed my cracker stick. It was only then that I will realize what I will have to do in the past. Billy Beetroot had it right when he said “Freedom is for the rich!”

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