Pockets Full of Ice

Jacy-Lynn, the Princess Original Sin, started off her Wednesday morn’ with pockets full of ice. “Freezing ass freaking chilly” she was fond of saying. “My sister’s brother won’t shake my hand but he’s got a leak in his inner core and the temperature is far too high for sleeping comfortably”. On her way past the puppets she placed her scissors into her burlap sack and shook her head four times for good luck.

“Ice is swell, go to hell, ice is clean, friendly puppets.”

“Man overboard!” screamed the puppeteer (better known as King Leer) as his strings intertwined like thousands of coiled snakes trying to mate.  [Author’s note: the Discovery Channel proudly presents such fascinating animal mating scenes rather periodically in order to scare aging conservatives and make immature teenagers giggle with glee].

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