The Never Ending Michelin Tire

Paris Pics 024

Kelly Lauren forgot that she was foreign
She tied her hair in knots
Gimme another brother, she called to her mother
Let loose the Mary Magdalene robots

Jennifer Shoemaker hailed the test-taker
And said to his face “you’re a cheat!”
She threatened this prick with a scratch and a kick
And peppered his face with her cleats

Kerri Di-saw-bells stole the Book of Kells
And drew in cartoons of her own
“You must know I have lied” she said to her tribe
“I am the telephone, so pass me the megaphone!”

Prudith Rivera is in love with Clara (and Yogi Berra)
And it seems she has learned to fly
She constructed her wings with these plastic leaf things
And drank the Connecticut River dry

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